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Hip scarves, tassel belts and shawls - all made from recycled, second-hand finds and deadstock / end stock materials. The yarns are top quality wools, cashmere, angora/merino mixes that I get from a wholesale dealer specializing in finding the odd lots in factorys on their way to desctruction (no!) - so it is not newly produced yarn. Nothing wrong with it except the lots are too small for resale shops or it is last years colours.  Instead, I pair the yarns up with my second-hand scarves to make new magic - a good sustainable way to make things have a second life.

All scarves are handmade by me ... YES ! I actually hand-tie all the tassels myself.

NB - DANCERS: These tassel scarves can easily be used as hip-shawls as well. I have sized the tassels and embellishment to look equally good on hips as well as around neck. The scarf size can of course vary a bit. So if you are looking for a hip shawl, please look at the measures of each one.

Also check the "Dance Accessories" for specific dance related designs

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