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In this section you will find all things made with dancers in mind - belly dancers, tribal style dancers, flamenco dancers to name a few: hip scarves, belts, shawls, embellishment - fringes, tassels, glitter, colours - and still with a touch of special Ravenwing love :)  

UPCYCLED patchwork belts: handmade belts from luxurious leftover/ scrap materials and tassels/fringes from surplus stock yarns / fringe.

KRAKA belts or shawls - handtied and braided with upcycled jersey yarns, a surplus product from the textile industry. Colours will vary as to what is available at a given moment.  (the name "Kraka" is from Norse mythology and refers to Aslaug - Regnar Lodbrogs second wife - who dressed in fishing net instead of clothes. I name my "fishnet-style" tops and belts Kraka for this reason)

KRUMMI medallions - crocheted, embroided embellishment for tribal style dancing: put it  on your belt, as body-chain, arm shield, head piece. On the back side I  have made different options for the ties and the clip  (KRUMMI is the islandic word for "raven" .. .I have a special attachment to that name because I once made a dark fusion choreography to an islandic ballad about a raven .. Krummi :)

UPCYCLED hip  scarves  / wraps: made from second-hand scarves found in charity shops with beautiful prints and colours, embellished with ribbons and fringes (or tassels) from surplus stock viscose or polyester fringe. Can be used also as a shoulder wrap/shawl

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