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upcycled KIMONOS / Cover-ups   

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Cover-ups/kimonos, made by me of upcycled/thrifted scarves in wonderful prints. The materials are not always known as mostly the labels are gone, but as with most fashion scarves we are talking: cotton, viscose, polyester ...

NB! because this is second-hand/used materials there will be fraying and small signs of use, please consider this part of the charm!   All materials have been pre-washed (except the black ones, dry-clean is recommended).


LET US BE CONCIOUS: When we re-use old and worn materials instead of purchasing more new-produced textiles, we are saving the world for many ressources.

*The COLOURED kimonos are all unique, each one made from 2 different scarves.

**The BLACK ones are made from upcycled high quality art-printed scarves, where the print has gone wrong in the production and instead of destroying the faulty scarf, it is dyed all black ... and I was lucky to get hold of a large batch of "faulty scarves" Please see material in description

Sizing of the kimonos are fairly "free" /one size, but because the scarves have variations in their measurements, each kimono will come out slightly larger or smaller. Please see the model photos for what difference it makes when the same kimono lands on different bodies - and check the measurements in the description

To purchase: please read here 

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