Hi my name is Dud Muurmand ... and I am a skirt addict :)

Yes, this is what happens over the years of designing, sewing and dancing in big skirts with lots of swooosh! You get addicted.

I am a self-taught seamstress / costume-maker/creative fabric composer - and I have been working creatively with my sewing since I was a young girl growing up with an equally creative mother who made a living on her artistic handicrafts and decorations, but also taught me a lot of my skills on the sewing maschine.

Since 1995, I have worked professionally as a dancer, instructor and performer specifically within different fusions of Oriental and Tribal style of dancing - but  also as a performance artist in cabarets ... and I make most of my costumes myself.

The skirts came as a big necessity to make myself because back in the 1990's it was not very easy to find ready-made double-circle-cut skirts for dancing. And as I started sewing my own skirts, a demand also arose from my students and fellow dancers for skirts.

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