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Hi my name is Dud Muurmand, I am the working power behind Ravenwing Design - my one-woman business based in Frederiksberg/Copenhagen, Denmark

To read a little more about me - please look further down - but first:



HOW to SHOP  at Ravenwing Design:

This website is a presentation site with an overview of my designs -  and not a click&buy-webshop - so therefore  you will not find any  "buy-buttons" here.

I have decided for the time being to run my business very down-to-earth, with close contact to my customers and saving some costs on expensive webshop platforms and payment solutions. Instead I am self-promoting thru Facebook and in particular also Instagram, taking orders by direct messaging or emails and walking down to the post office or DAO-shop myself with each package.

Each item you see here, is made by me - designed, sewn, handmade, created by me .. and send of with a little love each time.

- Send email to:

- send contact form

or send pm/dm thru my SoMe:

Facebook - outlet group


- For my Danish customers, I recommend payment by

bank transfer, after I send invoice by email.


OTHER payment options:

- Paypal transfer after I send invoice.

- All my prices are in Danish Kroner and includes Danish VAT (moms) .... quick currency calculation: 1 EURO = 7,50 DKK / 100 DKK = 13,50 EURO


- shipping costs have to be added, please ask for a quote from me as the costs varies depending on your location.


For Denmark, I use POSTNORD or DAO for quick and cheap delivery.

For EU, I use Coolrunner (DAO/Bring)  for the cheapest package delivery

For the rest of the world: I use Postnord (national postal service).

for Denmark/DAO: 50 DKK for 1 kg

for EU/Coolrunner: 70 -130 DKK for up to 5 kg


Any questions? don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

:) Dud





I am a self-taught seamstress / costume-maker/creative fabric composer - and I have been working creatively with my sewing since I was a young girl growing up with an equally creative mother who made a living on her artistic handicrafts and decorations, but also taught me a lot of my skills on the sewing machine.

Since 1995, I have worked professionally as a dancer and performance artist specifically within different fusions of Oriental and Tribal style of dancing - but  also as a performance artist in cabarets ... and I make most of my costumes myself.

For many years, I made the skirts "to order", my customers found me by themselves simply from mouth to ear.


Then over the years as my theatre work also grow, so did my creativity with costumes and fabrics - my little sewing studio became my extended artistic outlet and also a place for me to dive into a creative process creating alternative dance wear,  costume pieces and distinctive high quality handmade embellishment and jewelry made from recycled and upcycled materials (broken jewelry, deadstock yarns and textiles, second-hand finds) Very often I let the material at hand inspire me into the creation)

In 2019, I finally collected all my courage and opened up my small business of Ravenwing Design.
The vision was to primarily start up as a festival / market business with my designs  and to run a webshop on the side, but with the world situation in 2020 I had to re-consider my business plan in more ways. 

So here we are :) 
My plan for 2023 and forward is to keep self- promoting and selling on SoMe PLUS to look out for live/in-person event where I can sell my design  - and to see if I can crack this online shopping-thing with a real webshop :)

Thank you for reading all the way to this line :)

Just because I appreciate your interest, you will get a 5% discount on 1 item on your next order with me - just send me this code "I-love-your-stuff-Dud" next time you place an order with me. (offer only valid 1 time per customer and only on 1 item but you can choose a sale item, shipping costs not included.

The support from my customers and the dance community has been huge - and each time I see my designs out there in the world I get a little proud pinch :)

Thank you for showing interest and - hopefully also shopping a Ravenwing Design-item.

:) Dud

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