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Dud's general level description for fusion/skirt fusion:

BASIC = beginners level​

Technique, posture, alignment, steps are explained from the bottom and up. This is the level where you can get the fundamental foundations of fusion style dancing. You don't need any background to join this class. You may meet other more experienced dancers in class who are there to refine their base.

BASIC / MIX level = beginners + up.

There will still be time to focus on basic technique and explaining new material, but to challenge dancers with a bit of experience some exercises will be done in 2 versions or 2 different speeds. Dud is very experienced at teaching mix leveled classes, so not to worry you will not be left behind. Dancers coming from other styles of oriental/belly dance will also be able to follow this level.

MIX level = 1 year of dance and up

Technique challenge and drill tempo will differentiated to students in class. It is expected that students have minimum 1 year of tribal experience, but this level will also embrace advanced and prof tribal dancers.. Intermed/adv bellydancers of other styles are welcome, however basic tribal concepts will not be explained here.


You will have something like 2 years of constant training in fusion / skirt fusion meaning you have a good overview of the basic moves, you are quite familiar with posture, feet/ arms positions, and have a fairly good sense of making a steady shimmy (oriental/tribal style) and a steady spin-routine (skirt fusion)

Classes for intermediate dancers will still have new  technique well-explained, tempo will be a bit more up-speed, we will layer moves and do more challenging combos- and for Skirt Fusion we will be working into improvisational flows, advanced skirt-work and speedy turns.


Dance experience of 5 or more years, you have a complete foundation in your style and can also dance freely /improvise without stopping to think. Interpretative / dramatic elements are also part of this level.

Professional dancers = teachers and performance artists


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