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DATE: Saturday May 30th, 2022 

TIME: 10.00 - 12. 00 AM

Teacher: Dud Muurmand (DK)

Topic: "Viking Power Skirt" – Skirt Fusion with a Viking Kick !

Level: Open

This is Dud's special mix of modern days tribal fusion together with ancient Ghawazee style dance, Balkan fusion – with a huge medieval Viking kick!
Technique includes hip, belly and foot work from Ghawazee style folklore, Turkish Roman Havasi and Afro Fusion, Balkan style skirt work and Tribal Fusion moves with a heavy Nordic “Viking” interpretation.

It has tempo, bounce, drama, energy, freedom and it is FUN!

Please bring your biggest circular skirt …or two!

A long cape can also be used for most of this skirt work style
Soft ballet shoes are recommended

Sign up here LINK: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/workshop-viking-power-skirt-dud-muurmand-tickets-296207754367


Mail for questions: office@world-of-orient.de