ONLINE workshop:
Virtual Gothla 3: Bloody Valentine

DATE: Saturday February 13, 2021

Join the Gothla team, with guest teachers Alexis Southall, Fuchsia, Dud Muurmand, Ida & Max, and Princess Farhana for a day of fusion dance and fitness classes with a Gothla Twist!



FANØ ATS JAM  (real live event)

DATE: MAY 21-24, 2021

The 5th edition of this annual ATS gathering on Fanø with workshops, performance show and ATS jams.

Normally Lisa Bugel is the teachers at this event, but due to her happy situation of being pregnant this spring, Dud will substitute as teacher and jam leader.

As always Ragnhild Kallehauge/ KUK is our organizer:


Deadline for registration is May 15, 2021