WORKSHOP  "Charleston & Crazy Cabaret Fusion"
DATE: September 4, 2022 

TIME: 10.00-12.00

STUDIO: Sweet Burlesque, Rønnegade 1, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Get ready for a terrifically fun workshop with Charleston dance, crazy cabaret drama and lots of jazz hands

Dud Muurmand gives a thorough review of basic technique, stance and grounding in the Charleston / 20's style so we can unleash our inner Flapper on the dance floor.

You’ll learn how to do "slapsticks" when we dance the Charleston - doing comedy and pranks is part of it, so with an extra element of cabaret drama and a hat as a prop, we finally work with a little choreography.

Level: For all

What to bring: If you have a bowler hat/gentlemans hat, please bring this, otherwise you can borrow from Dud.

Shoes: Flat dance shoes with a slippery heel or socks (It’s important you can glide on your feet)


WORKSHOP  "Fusion 101"
DATE: November 11, 2022 

TIME: 15.30-17.30

Location: Glostrup /at festival 

Description: What does it mean to work with “fusion” in dance – how to get started, how to melt together styles and are there any “pot-holes”, things to consider beforehand? As with many other things, there are several roads to Rome, but in this workshop, Dud will give inspiration and technique exercises to help you get started – or to find new ways of working with your fusion style if you are a seasoned dancer. Dud will also share some tips from her own cross-training as a fusion dancer through many years.

We will work with 3 elements:

  1. TECHNIQUE: layering and isolation technique with elements from Tribal Fusion, Oriental dance, Popping/Locking

  2. STYLIZATION: arms / hands / flow – movement styles from different genres: Flamenco, Contemporary, Oriental + more

  3. EXPRESSION: storytelling / theatrical

We will work on these 3 elements separately at first in different exercises / drills and then they will be combined into a short and powerful fusion combo.