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"Tribal Style Bellydance" is a general term covering more sub-styles within the genre of modern tribal bellydance styles (ATS®, ITS, Tribal Fusion etc) . The special thing about tribal style is the group dance elements making it possible to dance together without pre-fabricated choreographies,

The technique of Tribal Style Bellydance also differs from traditional bellydance-styles like Egyptian raks sharqi - a quick description would be that TRIBAL holds a different dance posture, a different use of strength and expression plus the dance vocabolary may be influenced by many different middle eastern dance forms but also has a modern format with technique infusioned with contemporary western dance, ballet, hiphop to name a few.

The main influence into Tribal style is Flamenco (posture, hands, arms)

Indian dance (moves, costuming) Bellydance /folkore (moves, isolations) Modern dance/ballet (general ground technique and stylization of dance)


Quick list of Tribal sub-styles and dance terms

ATS® :                

American Tribal Style®  group dance format by  FatChanceBellyDance®, where groups can dance together withour pre-fabricated choreographies, but instead can synchronize with non-verbal cueing during dancing.

Improvised Tribal Style:

Group dancing based on cues /improv  (this term is used on  tribal group dances based on other formats than FCBD, one other well-known format is Unmata ITS created by Amy Sigil)

Tribal Fusion :      

Fusion of ATS moves with other dance forms like contemporary dance/jazz/hiphop etc.

Skirt Fusion:       

An expressive, energetic fusion form with lots of skirt work, spins, flow and drama.

Technique may include combos, steps and expressions  of Balkan/Russian/Spanish/Turkish Roman style of dances. This fusion style does not include the tribal group-synchronization, it is a more free-flow style where choreographies can be used.

Afro Fusion:          

Fusion of afro style dances together with Ghawazee (Egyptian folkore style). Heavy grounding, bouncy, energetic.

Burlesque Fusion:  

Tribal fusion with cabaret drama, jazz/swing/charleston fusion

Dark Fusion:           

Fusion dance with drama, theater and dark side expression work, can be based on both tribal fusion, skirt fusion, bellydance .. or more. Dark Fusion is not necessarily a technique format but more the layer of expressions and theatrical storytelling you present your dance in.

ATS® skirt work:    

Creative fusion of putting the skirt on top of ATS® moves and formations. This style is keeping itself within the FCBD format and all moves are still cued. This style is not same as Skirt Fusion, although some moves will be similiar.

ATS® new&old:   

ATS® moves and formations from both Level 1-3 plus new volume9-material. This is refering to the level descriptions within the FCBD format and the DVD material.


Tribal Style Bellydance: 

a general term covering all styles within both ATS® and fusion styles


Note concerning  American Tribal Style® / ATS®
"ATS®" = American Tribal Style Bellydance / FCBD® f
American Tribal Style® is a dance format developped by FatChanceBellyDance® / Carolena Nericcio (USA). For more information, check

Dud Muurmand was certified "ATS-teacher" in 2010 by Carolena Nericcio
(GS + TT1 in 2010 + GS 2012)

* FatChanceBellyDance®, FCBD®,  ATS® and American Tribal Style®, is federale registered trademark belonging to FatChanceBellyDance, Inc. For more information, check

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