Train with me at home!

With my Patreon page, I have found a perfect way of offering classes online for those of you who like to do follow-up training at home .. or for those of you not able to come to my Copenhagen classes.

PATREON is a membership platform where I can offer you training on 4 different subscription plans. Training is offered as a growing video archive for both different levels and different styles of Tribal Style Belly Dance, as well as live stream classes (on the top subscription of 15usd/month)


Each month I release 3 new instructional videos + live stream 2 classes:

1 Tribal Basic video for beginners

1 spotlight - technique Tribal Fusion (Cabaret Fusion from april-aug 2020)

1 spotlight - technique Skirt fusion

4 live stream classes of 1 hour, full class (warm-up, technique, drills, combos)

For 6 USD a month you get access to the Tribal Basic series


For 10 USD a month you get access to the 2 spotlights + Tribal Basic

For 15 USD a month you get access to all 3 videos + 4 live streams

(VAT will be added according to your country)

You will be the charged on the day you register + each beginning of the month thereafter (so consider not signing up the last couple of days before a shift of month), and you can stop your membership at any time (when signing out you will keep your access for the current month that you have paid for).