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FUSION dance:

Monday classes / SPRING 2023


NB! new studio location on Islands Brygge:
Njalsgade 23D
2300 København S


"FUSION Cross Training"

DAY: Mondays

TIME intermediate level: 18.00-19.25  (fully booked)

TIME: advanced level:      19.30-20.55 (1 space open)

DATES: January 23 - March 25, 2023 

PRICE: 1500 dkk per class (10 Mondays)

(drop-in is not be possible))



Intermediate: strong conditioning exercises, but more time to dwell into basic technique

Advanced:  teaching tempo will be high, technique level high


Both level classes will offer a strong conditioning and technique foundation for  fusion dance.

The aim will be to both build op core strength, sharpen our dance fundamentals as well as levelling up our fusion dance skills.

Class will start with a thorough warm-up on mat with Yoga, Pilates and fitness conditioning.

Cross-style-technique work with ballet, jazz ballet, Charleston, Flamenco, Tribal Fusion, Oriental dance, Burlesque.

Over the 10 classes we will have different focuses - isolations, footwork, arm work, spins/turns etc. There will be some combination work, but no choreography.

It is recommended to bring soft ballet shoes / socks - knee pads - and a yoga mat (there will be mats in the room to loan)

NB! As the spaces for this class are fairly limited (max 8) , I urge you to talk to me before signing up. The intermediate class will not be suitable for beginners - and for the advanced classes you need to check in with Dud on your needed skills level.

Terms & conditions:

your registration and payment for this class is binding. This means you sign up for the entire class block of 10 Mondays. There will be no refunds or tranfer of classes in case you get sick or are absent.

In the case of me having to cancellclasses, or not being able to execute the classes because of Covid-19 restriction,  I will  offer online-replacement classes via Zoom


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