Tribal style group dance/ FCBD® 
(former name "ATS")

(FCBD is a dance format created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman / FatChanceBellyDance ® USA)

INTRODUCTION workshop / fall 2022:

Thursday Aug 25, 18.30-19.15  / FREE INTRO

Thursday Aug 25, 19.15-20.30  / Intro ws part 1

Thursday Sept 1,  18.30-20.30  / Intro ws part 2

LOCATION: KU.BE / studio Zen2

ADRESS: Dirch Passers Alle 4, 2000 Frederiksberg.


Teacher: Dud Muurmand
(on Aug 25/INTRO you will also meet the troupe Asynja Tribal)


This workshop series is organized by Tribaldance Denmark


BOTH DAYS dkk 250  (member price 175)

Part 1 = dkk 150   (member price 100)

Part 2 = dkk  200  (member price 150)


please register to Dud by sending email to with info on full name and your mobile phone number.

You will receive a confirmation with payment info (bank transfer)

Your registration and payment is binding and will not be refunded if you cancel or dont show up.


Please notice, the 2 days have different content and is to be considered a small series.


You may just show up for the free intro, but if you want to continue to part 1 workshop evening, you need to pay cash before start (we dont have mobilepay)




You will be introduced to the basic technique and moves of the FCBD dance system, as well as the basic formations and concepts of synchronization that is very special to Tribal style.


THIS INTENSIVE INTRO-workshop is aimed at both completely new dancers within tribal style, dancers from other oriental styles looking for a fast introduction into this group dance style as well as tribal dancers of all levels looking to repeat the basic steps and formations.


However, the teaching level will be for new dancers.


If you want to join the Folkeslag tribal dance class Wednedsday evenings starting sept 7 (Islands Brygge school) this intro-ws is HIGHLY recommended. The Folkeslag classes is not a beginners class, so in order to follow it will be very good to get your fast-forward introduktion here.