Tribal Style Bellydance

Group dance

SEPT 2021: we are working on resuming these community classes as per Oct 6, 2021, stand by for more info.

Kirkebjerg Skole

Vanløsehøj 4

2720 Vanløse

- aulaen

FOLKESLAG - classes

These classes are all administered by the evening school Folkeslag and registration has to be done thru

"Folkeslag" is an alternative evening school in Copenhagen offering classes within creative street jam arts - like drumming,  dancing and fire art.

FOLKESLAG was established in Sept 2013 by the drum orchestra SLAGKRAFT, which many of you will know from their street jams and the Kulturhavn festival in Copenhagen. Tribaldance Denmark and Dud is happy to be co-operating with Slagkraft in this school project since the beginning, now going in our 5th season.