to my website presenting my classes and workshops within

Tribal Fusion, Skirt Fusion, Tribal style group dance - all under the umbrella of "CPH Tribal Style Bellydance"

This site should hopefully give you the fully overview of my classes and workshops- both the physical classes as well as my online classes.

SEPT 2021/Covid-19 restrictions have now been lifted in Denmark. This means that it is possible to run classes on normal terms. However, for the time being I am still offering online classes thru Patreon both via Zoom and as video classes and will slowly start up the real-life classes as the demand will rise.


Fall 2021: I am focusing on my community classes in Tribaldance Denmark and also getting our Folkeslag / community classes up and running.


In November I will offer the first weekend workshop with me - stay tuned!

 I speak both Danish and English, my online classes on Patreon are conducted in English.