to my weekly dance classes in Copenhagen with

Tribal Fusion, Skirt Fusion, American Tribal Style® (ATS)- all under the umbrella of "Tribal Style Bellydance"

This site should hopefully give you the fully overview of my classes and workshops- both the physical classes as well as my online classes.

!! SPRING 2020/covid-19 update: all my physical classes in Copenhagen as well as my workshops at festivals are cancelled for the time being. I am offering classes both thru Patreon as well as small class series and workshops on Zoom.

If you are not so familiar with the dance styles within the category of "Tribal Style Bellydance", you can read about it under the "What is Tribal"

 I speak both Danish and English, my online classes on Patreon are conducted in English, my Zoom classes is conducted in Danish for now.

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